Simply purchase tax deeds from local counties and earn thousands of dollars every week with proven techniques by individuals just like you and me who seek to make a fortune that will last them a lifetime! There’s no hidden secret because it's been right under our noses all this time, and most people don’t know about it until now.

With tax deeds, you get immediate possession that will enable you to buy them, flip them, and earn an income that will set you up for success time and time again. This is just one exit strategy you can do, yet there’s more where you can also buy and rent them out, or even just buy them, fix them, and earn a lot more money than you purchased them for. It’s so rewarding that you’ll be amazed at what this little-known secret has done to change people’s lives with wealth and prosperity.

24/7 Support with Your Personal Coach for a Lifetime

You will always feel confident about working in this business with tax deed sales, and you will never feel that inertia that some of us may feel. You will never get lost in this business with me because our journey together will be an experience that I have done over and over many times that will achieve you great success like no other.

With the strong support and the Diamond Plan course that I have put together, you can’t go wrong when you follow my step-by-step success steps that I have put together through hard work and experience throughout the years. I have done all the hard work, so you won’t make mistakes since I have gone through trial and error and have perfected real-time success. You deserve the attention and training that will make you earn your fortune. It’s your time!



Every month, there are more and more tax-deed foreclosures happening in the entire USA in over 3600 counties, and the numbers are outpacing the number of investors, so there will never be a shortage of them. It’s really up for grabs for you to earn your piece of the pie. In fact, you can have as many pies as you want since these tax deeds are coming in waves, and you will never be able to buy them all up in your lifetime.

Many owners of these properties go through a lot in life, and unfortunately, they can no longer afford to pay their property taxes. So what happens is that the county forecloses on the delinquent property and must sell it to the public. They must earn the revenue from these tax deeds to pay the employees, pay for the public libraries, pay the teachers at public schools, including all the maintenance costs for the buildings of these schools, and so much more.

Tax deeds will be around forever, and you will receive the support to get you off the ground to be a star in tax deed sales. It’s a niche, and you can see massive success in a few short months with this great business that is finally exposed to others, like me, your coach for life, Peter.

What You Will Receive for the Premium Diamond Package:

As you get to know him, he can give you lots of tips on success by learning from both his failures and successes, so you can apply the action steps to get to your goals sooner.

Peter de Vera is a self-made businessman, tax deed specialist, life coach, realtor, investor, and mentor. He has been an entrepreneur since 1987 and has a wealth of success to share with you. He has learned how to sell, market, advertise, and negotiate and has been instilled with a lot of self-development for many years.

Standard Package

$695 / Year

  • Outlines: Accelerated Step-by-Step How to Buy Your First Tax Deed ASAP.
  • Complete reference material that gives you easy-to-read informative information.
  • You'll receive high-value, impactful material that gives you a successful tax-deed experience with the best results for life-changing income.

Note: The client agrees to pay a 20% finder's fee of the purchase price of the tax deed. We team up for great success.

Diamond Plus Package

$1495 / Year

  • You'll receive everything in the standard package.
  • 24/7 Support Online
  • Phone Support by Appointment
  • You'll receive team support by helping spot great tax deals, so you can start earning money ASAP!

Note: The client agrees to pay a 20% finder's fee of the purchase price of the tax deed. We team up for great success.

You don’t need a license
to buy tax deeds

Tax Deed sales are little known opportunities that you can cash in Big Money!

Having a Mentor Can Help You Reach Your Goals Fast.

Earn your share and keep earning your share because there’s a lot of tax-deed cake to go around for a lifetime. What you are about to learn is a little-known opportunity that most don’t know about real estate. I’m here to educate you and show you the ropes so you, too, can capture a lifetime of financial wealth. You won’t get rich. You’ll get wealthy. We all want time, money, and location freedom, and I will share with you that I have learned for many years. I’ve been an investor since 1999 and a licensed realtor since 2005, and I have a lot of value-added opportunities to share.

I’m all about helping and sharing. It all started with a desire, and it just grew. It was in 1987 that I started my journey as an entrepreneur. I am now one of the coolest serial entrepreneurs that you will ever meet. I don’t make promises, but I want to do my best to see you grow like a healthy apple fruit tree, and you can multiply that into farms of it to make generational wealth last for many generations and beyond..

With tax deeds, the moment you buy them is the moment you earn money from them.

In your state and many counties across the USA, there are many real estate tax sales going on every day that can earn you anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000+ a year. It’s a fun and convenient niche where you can earn a very good living. Here, you build up generational wealth from being an owner of real estate properties.

Imagine being the owner of residential homes, condominiums, townhouses, multi-units, mansions, lands, and commercial buildings, to name a few. There’s so much gold out there, but most people don’t know about this massive opportunity. There aren't enough buyers out there, and that’s a big problem.

The county needs the revenue to pay the county workers, the schools, the police, the firemen, libraries, museums, maintain our bridges, roads, freeways, and even the parks. They need to sell these tax deeds and tax liens so everything gets paid. They need the cash flow!

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